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Advanced Training

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Advanced Training is undertaken by way of a prospectively approved program, supervised by a College accredited supervisor, and generally accredited at the end of each 12 month period.  Advanced Training is in a specialty of either Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health.

Learning Objectives for Advanced Training

The Advanced Training Curricula build on and further contextualise the knowledge and clinical skills gained during basic training within a chosen specialty.  Specialties provide a contextual focus for the further development, and assessment, of a range of higher order learning objectives drawn from the Professional Qualities Curriculum. These curricula will have an Adult or Paediatric specific focus as applicable.

At the completion of their overall training program, it is expected that a new Fellow will:

  • have developed and demonstrated the specific clinical skills, and have acquired the theoretical knowledge, required for competent practice within their discipline or area of clinical specialisation ;
  • have demonstrated their knowledge of, and ability to competently utilise, the range of common or generic knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required by all Physicians/Paediatricians, regardless of their area of specialty ;
  • have a comprehensive general understanding of, and exposure to, the range of related disciplines;
  • be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and their families, colleagues and other allied health professionals
  • be competent in the comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of their patients;
  • know when to order and how to interpret the results of diagnostic tests;
  • understand and acknowledge the importance of the various socio-economic factors that contribute to illness and vulnerability;
  • be aware of and sensitive to the special needs of patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
  • be able to work within, lead, and fully utilise multidisciplinary team-based approaches to the assessment, management and care of their patients;
  • recognise the need for, have developed, and be able to apply, appropriate patient advocacy skills;
  • have the skills required to process new knowledge and the desire to promote and maintain excellence through actively supporting or participating in research and a program of continuing professional development;
  • be able to contribute to the education of patients, colleagues, Trainees, junior medical officers and other health care workers.

Advanced Training Contact Details

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Addiction Medicine* 02 8247 6279 02 8247 6231
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry** 02 8247 6221
Clinical Genetics 02 8247 6218
Clinical Pharmacology 02 8247 6214
Community Child Health 02 8247 6231
Endocrinology 02 8247 6280
Endocrinology & Chemical Pathology 02 8247 6280
Gastroenterology 02 8247 6279
General Medicine 02 9256 9669
General Paediatrics 02 8247 6294
Geriatric Medicine 02 8247 6214 02 8247 6218
Immunology / Allergy 02 8247 6248
Infectious Diseases 02 8247 6221
Infectious Diseases & Microbiology 02 8247 6221
Medical Oncology 02 8247 6280
Neonatal / Perinatal Medicine 02 8247 6284
Nephrology 02 8247 6217
Neurology 02 8247 6217
Nuclear Medicine 02 8247 6279
Paediatric Emergency Medicine 02 8247 6295

Palliative Medicine*
 02 8247 6296

 02 8247 6286
Public Health 02 9256 9622
Respiratory & Sleep Medicine 02 8247 6295
Rheumatology 02 8247 6281
Sexual Health Medicine* 02 9256 9669

* There are different training pathways for Addiction Medicine, Palliative Medicine and Sexual Health Medicine. See Chapter & Faculty Tailored Training for more information about these pathways. Also see the Palliative Medicine Diploma page.

** The RACP/RANZCP Dual Fellowship Training Program in Paediatrics and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is currently under review and closed to new enrolments. Trainees already enrolled in the program should use the contact details provided above.


Advanced Training has an annual registration fee, as well as other fees to support the programs. More information about fees for the Australian and New Zealand programs can be found in the fees section of this website.