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 New Zealand

Becoming a Physician / Paediatrician

If you are a registered practitioner in Australia or New Zealand and are interested in Physician or Paediatrician training...
The RACP has various training pathways, linked to comprehensive training curricula, complemented by an extensive and wide-ranging program of on-the-job training, working with and learning from experienced clinicians. Becoming a Physician involves a significant amount of training, time and commitment and we have provided below some information on areas of interest and training options.

Chapters and Faculties

See below the respective areas of interest, click on the links for more information about the tailored training programs available.



PREP Basic and Advanced Training

There are two options within the RACP PREP Basic Training Program:

  • Adult Internal Medicine
  • Paediatric & Child Health 

Relevant versions of the training requirement guidelines for Basic Training and Advanced Training are available on the respective requirements pages.

Successful completion of the PREP Basic and Advanced training program will allow you to be admitted to Fellowship of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and to append the initials FRACP after your name.

Australia  Australia

In order to commence training with the RACP the following are prerequisites:

  1. You must have completed your medical degree (MBBS),
  2. have completed a year of hospital internship or residency,
  3. be registered to practise in Australia,
  4. be employed by a hospital accredited by the College for Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics and Child Health PREP Basic Training Program
  5. register as a Basic Trainee with the College.
Please note: The College is unable to assist basic trainees to secure employment. It is recommended that trainees contact hospitals directly regarding employment opportunities.
NZNew Zealand

You must:

  1. have completed your medical degree (MBChB)
  2. be employed by an Accredited Hospital
  3. register as a Basic Trainee with the College

Features of the RACP Training Program

  • Undertaken "on the job". Trainees must be employed in suitable training positions (equivalent full time employment) in accredited hospitals throughout the training years.
  • Extends for a minimum of 6 years of training (7 years or more if trainees undertake a joint Advanced Training program).
  • Comprises 36 months of the PREP Basic Training Program, success in the written and clinical examinations and at least 36 months of Advanced Training (or more in the case of joint advanced training programs).
  • Successful completion of training results in admission to Fellowship of the RACP. In the case of some joint training programs, training results also to Fellowship of the other College/Faculty.

PREP Basic Training Program

  • Basic Training requires periods of 3 to 6 months, on rotation, in either general internal medicine or general paediatrics.
  • A total period of 36 months is required.
  • Basic Training is undertaken in accredited teaching hospitals, supervised by the DPE, and accredited at the end of the 36 months.
  • See the College handbook Requirements for Physician Training for information on core and non core training requirements.

Advanced Training

  • Advanced Training is undertaken by way of a prospectively approved program, supervised by a College-accredited supervisor, and generally accredited at the end of each 12 month period.
  • Advanced Training is in a subspecialty of either Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health.

Where does training occur?

Training occurs in accredited hospitals and sites. The purpose of the accreditation of training settings is to ensure the sites meet criteria conducive to administering the training programs.


International Graduates, Doctors, Physicians

Are you interested in working in:



New Zealand?

Overseas Trained Physician

International Medical Graduate

International Medical Graduate

There are other opportunities to work and train in Australia and New Zealand as a Physician that do not necessarily lead to Fellowship of the College. If you are interested in finding out more about other opportunities, you will need to contact the Medical Board of the Australian State or Territory in which you wish to work or the Medical Council of New Zealand.