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Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP)


Calling all quality and clinical practice improvement experts!


Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Units are considering how to provide members with CPD opportunities across the various SPPP domains of professionalism.

We are seeking input from members to develop a list of current resources that provide learning opportunities in quality improvement (QI) or clinical practice improvement (CPI). We wish to identify existing opportunities and how they can support the broad membership of the College via continuing professional development in the areas of professionalism.

We are keen to hear from you about programs that you know of, or have undertaken in the areas of QI or CPI. Examples include a short course in your workplace, or a major program undertaken within the context of formal postgraduate training.

Please email details to SPPP via, outlining (if possible):

  • The name of the program
  • Nature of the program ( short course / Masters program / other program)
  • Where, when, and in what form it is delivered
  • Key contact ( if known)
  • Whether you think the program would be appropriate as CPD for members of RACP


  • In the short term, to provide a list of appropriate QI/CPI resources via the College website.
  • In the longer term, to convene a working group to further explore QI/CPI learning needs, in particular the capacity for the College to provide learning opportunities in these areas. We would be grateful if you could indicate if you are interested in being involved in such a working group.

For further information please contact Fiona Hilton, SPPP Project Manager at or on +61 3 9927 7708.


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About the SPPP Guide

The Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) framework is designed to add to the College's Professional Qualities Curriculum by helping Fellows and trainees reflect on their practice and performance and to identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for learning and professional development.

The SPPP Guide outlines ten core domains which together aim to describe what it means to be a "good doctor". The central component of this framework is medical expertise, which reflects the specific knowledge and skills of our chosen specialty area.

The SPPP Guide is primarily a self reflection tool for use by individuals to help them understand their own performance. Although there may be many ways to use this framework, we anticipate most will use it to plan their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

Fellows and trainees may also utilise the SPPP Guide to improve their relationships with patients, colleagues and/or organisations. In some situations the SPPP framework may form the basis of discussions between colleagues or be used to contribute to an organisational performance development conversation.

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This website will continually be updated with the latest news regarding the project. Should you have any other questions please contact

    The development of the SPPP Guide was partly funded by the MIIAA.

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