Development process

The College Education Committee established the Accreditation Renewal Working Group (ARWG) to develop and implement a program of work to renew the RACP Training Provider Accreditation Program.
The ARWG’s key responsibilities are to:

  • develop an accreditation program for physician training and phased implementation plan
    develop accreditation standards that support competency-based curriculum
  • standardise accreditation processes across training programs and incorporate them into the accreditation program 
  • include in the accreditation program the plan for recruiting, selecting and training the accreditation assessment team
  • make recommendations to the College Education Committee (CEC) in relation to the requirements of the accreditation program and implications of the changes
  • mitigate and report to the CEC on risks associated with Accreditation Renewal

Development approach

The ARWG carried out an extensive review of the literature and accreditation practices nationally and internationally, which identified compelling reasons for change. The ARWG developed an Accreditation Program, informed by:

  • medical education and accreditation literature
  • approaches and components of national and international practice
  • feedback from extensive consultations with Members, jurisdictions, key stakeholders, and experts in the field of accreditation

Working group members

Associate Professor David Watson AM, Chair
Professor Michael Ackland PSM
Dr Pita Birch
Dr Gavin Chin
Dr Paul Huggan
Dr Garry Inglis
Dr Kate Kearney
Associate Professor Alistair Reid
Dr Stephen Robinson
Dr May Wong
Associate Professor Michael Woodward AM
Associate Professor Solomon Yu
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