List of AChSHM Fellows

This list contains the names of Chapter Fellows who have agreed that their names may be placed on the website and therefore, is not a complete list of Fellows.

ACT NSW NT QLD SA VIC TAS WA New Zealand Overseas


Prof Frank Bowden 
Dr Sarah Martin
A/Prof Vanita Parekh
Dr Alexandra Tyson


Dr Debbie Allen
Dr Neil Bodsworth
Dr Christopher Bourne
A/Prof Katherine Brown
Dr Christopher Carmody   
A/Prof Derek Chan
Dr John Chuah
Dr Kym Collins
Dr Damian Conway
Dr Deborah Couldwell 
Dr Stephen Davies
Dr Linda Dayan
Prof Basil Donovan 
Dr Fraser Drummond
Dr Natalie Edmiston 
Dr Robert Finlayson
Dr Rosalind Foster
Dr Ellie Freedman  
A/Prof Richard Hillman
Dr Michael Hing
Dr Brian Hughes
Dr Eva Jackson 
Dr Pamela Konecny
Dr Janet Knox
Dr Katerina Lagios
Dr Carmella Law 
Prof David Lewis
Dr Michael Lowy
Dr M Josephine Lusk 
Dr Tania May
Dr Ian McCrossin 
Dr Rosemary McInnes 
Dr Christopher McMahon
Dr Anna McNulty
Dr Brian Mulhall  
A/Prof Catherine O'Connor
Dr Catriona Ooi
Dr Frances Orr 
Dr Yogeswary Paramsothy
Dr Catherine Pell
Dr Christine Read 
Dr Phillip Read 
Dr Nathan Ryder
Dr Matthew Shields
A/Professor Don Edward Smith
Professor David Templeton
Dr Louise Tomlins
Dr Kamal Touma 
Dr Rick Varma
Dr Emanuel Vlahakis
Dr Lynnette Wray
Dr Lesley Yee


Dr Manoji Gunathilake


Dr Stuart Aitken
Dr Kay Haig
Dr Jane Howard
Dr David Jardine
Dr Arun Menon
Dr Graham Neilsen 
Dr Cheryn Palmer
Dr Diane Rowling 
A/Prof Darren Russell
Dr Mekala Srirajalingam
Dr Theo van Lieshout
Dr Kuong Taing
Prof Michael Whitby


Dr Katrina Allen
Dr Charlotte Bell
Dr Carole Khaw
Dr George Nisyrios
A/Prof Ross Philpot
Dr Mahesh Ratnayake
Dr Russell Waddell
Dr Alison Ward


Dr Louise Owen


Dr David Bradford
Dr Karen Berzins
Dr Melanie Bissessor 
Dr Siobhan Bourke
A/Prof Catriona Bradshaw
A/Prof Marcus Chen
Dr Vincent Cornelisse
Dr Ian Denham
Prof Christopher Fairley
Dr Katherine Fethers
Prof Suzanne Garland
Dr Stella Heley
Dr Helen Henzell 
Dr Sarah Huffam 
Dr Alexandra Marceglia
Dr Anna Morton
Dr Norman Roth
Dr Stephen Rowles
Dr Richard Teague
Dr Robin Tideman
Dr Janet Towns
Dr Henrietta Williams 
Dr Seenivasagam Yoganathan


Dr Shirley Bowen 
Dr Christine Dykstra
Dr Heather Lyttle
A/Prof Lewis Marshall
A/Prof Jenny McCloskey


Dr Sunita Azariah
Dr Susan Bray 
Dr Edward Coughlan
Dr Rick Franklin
Dr Massimo Giola
Dr Jackie Hilton
Dr Jane Kennedy
Dr Min Lo
Dr Jane MacDonald 
Dr Jane Morgan
Dr Jeannie Oliphant
Dr Nicky Perkins
Dr Murray Reid
Dr Anne Robertson
Dr Christine Roke 
Dr Carol Shand
Dr Heather Young


Singapore: Dr Ellen Chan
UK: Dr Claudia Estcourt
UK: Dr Elizabeth Hamlyn 
UK: Dr Rex Melville
UK: Dr John White

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