AChSHM Committees

AChSHM Chapter Committee

Under the governance system of the College, the Chapter has a President and President-elect.

The Chapter President chairs the AChSHM Chapter Committee, and distributes an update to Chapter Members following each Chapter Committee meeting.

AChSHM communiques and e-News

The Committee comprises the President and President-elect, that Chair of the Chapter's Education Committee and a Lead Fellow - Policy and Advocacy, not more than six elected Fellows of the Chapter, and one Chapter trainee. Each serves for a two-year term, to a maximum of six years.

The Chapter Committee President is also a member of the Adult Medicine Division Council and serves a term of two years only.

Committee Membership

Acting President and Chair
Dr Catherine O’Connor FAChSHM

Professor Christopher Fairley FRACP, FAFPHM, FAChSHM 

Dr Nick Medland FAChSHM
Dr Nathan Ryder FAChSHM
Dr Julian Langton-Lockton FAChSHM
Professor David Templeton FAChSHM
Professor Basil Donovan FAFPHM, FAChSHM
Dr Manoji Gunathilake FAChSHM
Dr Lewis Marshall FAFPHM, FAChSHM
Dr Massimo Giola FRACP, FAChSHM (New Zealand representative)
Dr Ei Aung (Trainee Representative)

Training Committee (TC) in Sexual Health Medicine

Committee ​Membership

Associate Professor David Templeton FAChSHM

Dr Carole Khaw FRACGP, FAChSHM
Dr Alison Rutherford FAFPHM, FAChSHM
Dr Karen Benattar FAChSHM, FRNZCGP (New Zealand Member)
Dr Damian Conway FRACGP, FAChSHM
Dr Mark O'Reilly FRACGP (Trainee representative)

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