Dr Boris Mak Rehabilitation Medicine Trainee Award for Best Presentation

The prize is awarded to the best presentation by a New Zealand trainee at the annual New Zealand Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium. This prize is made possible through the generosity of Dr Boris Mak's family.

Terms & Conditions (Prizes)
Abstract Guidelines


  1. This award is open Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) trainees residing in New Zealand only.
  2. AFRM NZ trainees must submit their formal PowerPoint presentation to the AFRM NZ Branch Committee.
  3. The presentation should be 10 minutes in length and can be about a trainee's current research, an interesting case study with associated scientific educational information or a Rehabilitation Medicine 'hot topic' of interest.
  4. Trainees who apply will required to present at the Annual New Zealand Rehabilitation Medicine Symposium.

The prize

  • First place prize – $1000
  • Second place prize – $500


  1. Read the Terms & Conditions (Prizes)
  2. Submit your abstract following the provided abstract guidelines via email to nz_afrm@racp.org.nz   

Selection process

  1. The method of selection is to be competitive and judges will consider and select on the basis of the following criteria:
    • content (originality, significance and importance)
    • presentation (clarity of verbal communication, use of visual aids)
  2. At least three judges will be identified and acknowledged at the start of judging.
  3. Trainees must present work in which they have made a significant contribution to the concept and execution. Originality is important but not a primary consideration.
  4. Each representative will be allocated 10 minutes maximum for their presentation, with an additional three (3) minutes maximum for questions and answers.

Contact us 

For more information on the Dr Boris Mak Rehabilitation Medicine Trainee Award, please email nz_afrm@racp.org.nz

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