RACP Indigenous Health Scholarship Program

The College is pleased to offer these scholarships to those who identify as being of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori or Pacific Islander heritage.

2020 Applications

Open: 1 October 2019
Close: 5:00pm AEDT, 30 November 2019

About the scholarships

The scholarships provide a funded pathway through either Basic, Advanced, Faculty or Chapter training in Australia and New Zealand. They are valued up to $40,000 over three/four years depending upon training pathway chosen and cover:

  • RACP training fees for the duration of either Basic or Advanced, Faculty and Chapter training (3 or 4 years)
  • Examination fees
  • Attendance at Congress (or relevant Annual Scientific Meeting) each year (return economy airfare, registration, 3 nights' accommodation)
  • $2,500 cash assistance at beginning of scholarship.

Please read the following before completing the application form:

Scholarships on offer

Basic, Advanced or Chapter Training

College Indigenous Health Scholarship
The Scholarship is made available by the Fellows of the RACP.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Scholarship
The Scholarship is funded by a grant from Siggins Miller, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, an anonymous benefactor and A/Professor Noel Hayman. The scholarship was first offered in 2008.

New Zealand Indigenous Health Scholarship & New Zealand Pacific Islander Health Scholarship
These Scholarships is made available by the Fellows of the RACP, New Zealand.

Indigenous Health Scholarship for Paediatrics and Child Health
The Scholarship is made available by the Paediatric & Child Health Division.

Faculty Training

Indigenous Health Scholarship for Occupational & Environmental Medicine
The Scholarship is made available by the Fellows of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environment Medicine.

Indigenous Health Scholarship for Rehabilitation Medicine
The Scholarship is made available by the Fellows of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

The John McLeod Indigenous Health Scholarship in Public Health Medicine
The Scholarship is made available by the Faculty of Public Health and is in memory of the late Dr John McLeod. Dr McLeod was renowned both nationally and internationally for his work in public health and his significant contribution towards improving indigenous health status.

Eligibility, Requirements and Guidelines

  1. The following are eligible to apply for an Indigenous Health Scholarship
    (i) Trainees already enrolled in an RACP Training program (Divisions, Faculties and Chapters).
    (ii) Medical graduates accepted by the RACP into a training program (Divisions, Faculties and Chapters).
    (iii) Medical graduates applying to be accepted into a training program. Note that awarding of the scholarship is dependent upon acceptance of the applicant into the relevant RACP training program as indicated on the application form.
  2. Scholarship applicants are required to provide proof of indigenous heritage and the following is accepted:
    (i) a letter from an Indigenous education institution, faculty, school, department or government body or a non-government institution that applicant has been recognised as an Indigenous person; and
    (ii) Indication that applicant has already been recognised by the College as an Indigenous person; and/or
    (iii) Provide a letter of recognition from an Indigenous Community Group, or tribal elder or from the tribal (hapu/iwi) register
    (iv) New Zealand only: Traditional presentation to the College by a whanau member (please note the opportunities to take up this option are restricted but the College will endeavour to offer this wherever possible).
  3. Attendance at Congress or relevant Annual Scientific Meeting (as agreed through the RACP Foundation) is compulsory and scholarship recipients are required to ensure that time off for attendance is discussed with employers.
  4. Award benefits are only provided once, and any Recipient who is required to repeat a training program or other any part of the training program (e.g. examination) will not be entitled to receive the benefit for a repeated attempt.
  5. Recipients must show satisfactory progress at the end of each year prior to the continuation of the scholarship for the second or third year.
  6. The College Terms & Conditions for awards (PDF) apply.
  7. Applications will be reviewed by an Award Review Panel which will include cultural representatives and relevant Division, Faculty, Chapter and training representatives.

For all enquiries, please email the RACP Foundation.

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