Professor Richard Doherty in Fiji Professor Richard Doherty (centre), Dean of the RACP, with our Fijian counterparts.

Finding and fitting the right specialist with an identified need is a key priority of RACP international work. We need RACP Members with extensive expertise and knowledge, cross cultural capability and an ability to work in low resource settings to collaborate with us internationally.

Opportunities are available to become focused in education activities and service delivery activities. Members could also take part in events and symposia.

Education focused activities

  • Curriculum development/Program design
  • Assessment
  • Teaching skills
  • Online training capability
  • Advocacy
  • Facilitate in-country conferences
  • Research linkages
  • Mentoring

Service delivery focused activities

  • Joining procedural (gastroenterology and cardiology), screening or unit set-up teams (medical oncology, hospice).
  • Providing pro bono locum support for short term back-filling of roles in low resource settings
  • Joining unit set-up teams (medical oncology, hospice).
  • Joining small research teams engaged in a specific topic (which may align with a World Health Organization assignment).

Members may also consider delivering pro-bono key note research or health education presentations on low resource health settings.

Visit our updates page for details of international opportunities available now.

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