RACP Fellow stories

Numerous RACP Fellows are working globally to improve the health of patients in developing nations affected by resourcing challenges, and to build the capacity of local clinicians to deliver healthcare that effectively meets patient needs.

Timor-Leste flag

Helping Timor-Leste grow healthy and strong

Darwin-based Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr Josh Francis is involved in establishing and enhancing detection and treatment programs in Timor-Leste.


Professor Finlay Macrae and the ANZGITA story

ANZGITA's pioneering gastroenterology and endoscopy training programs have been strengthening healthcare and saving lives in the Asia Pacific region.

Solomon Islands flag

Canberra cancer experts enhancing care in the Solomon Islands

Canberra Region Cancer Centre partnered with Solomon Islands medical teams to deliver five days of training to develop skills, oncology guidelines and treatment protocols.

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