Membership and post-nominals


Membership is defined in clauses 2.1 and 2.2 of the Constitution of the RACP set out below: 

2.1 Classes of membership

Membership of the College shall consist of the following classes of members:

2.1.1 Fellows;
2.1.2 Honorary Fellows;
2.1.3 Trainees; and
2.1.4 such other classes as specified in any By-laws for that purpose with such rights and privileges as set out in those By-laws.

2.2 Members of the College

The membership of the College shall consist of such persons as are admitted as Fellows, Honorary Fellows or Trainees under clause 2.6 of this Constitution, or such other classes as specified in any By-laws.  


The College defines a Fellow as a person that is eligible and admitted to Fellowship of the College under clauses 2.3 and 2.6 of the College Constitution.

On completion of the relevant education committee requirements, payment of fees and receipt of a formal application (including proof of registration) a Trainee or Overseas Trained Physician will be eligible to receive an invitation to become a Fellow.  

Trainees admitted as members of the College are not Fellows, stated in clause 2.5.

Fellowship is considered a membership category and is dependent on completion of the educational requirements of the College.

Deed of Indemnity

A Deed of Indemnity for College members who act in a voluntary capacity at the request of the College and an explanatory letter from King & Wood Mallesons is available by contacting us.

Please refer to:

  • Deed of Indemnity for Volunteers Signed 26 9 2014
  • Letter from KWM Deed of Indemnity for Volunteers 1 10 2014

FRACP and use of College Post-Nominals

Membership of the College confers a number of rights, including professional (and regulatory) recognition and privileges.

Continuing Fellows of the College have the right to use the FRACP post-nominal and/or any other Faculty or Chapter post-nominal or nomenclature of the College that may be applicable, based on their training pathway.

This right and privilege of membership is dependent on continued membership of the College (as set out in the College Constitution).

The College awards the following post-nominals to Fellows upon admission to Fellowship:

Division Training Programs

FRACP - Adult Medicine Division and Paediatrics & Child Health Division                                       

Faculty Training Programs

FAFRM - Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
FAFOEM - Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
FAFPHM - Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine 

Chapter Training Programs

FAChAM - Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine
FAChPM - Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine
FAChSHM - Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine

More information on training pathways

Use of specialty titles

As the FRACP post-nominal covers many specialties, Fellows with FRACP may also wish to use a specialist title to describe their field of specialty practice.

This is not a qualification but is a form of specialist recognition linked to training and specialist practice.

For example, a Fellow who is registered with a field of specialty practice in General Paediatrics can use the specialist title "Specialist general paediatrician".

Australian registered Fellows may use the protected specialist title linked to the relevant specialist registration entry on the Register of Medical Practitioners.

Fellows in New Zealand are recognised in a vocational scope by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

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