Member Journey Research

The Member Journey Mapping Project was a research project undertaken by the College in the second half of 2017 to inform the development of the Member Engagement Strategy*.

Member Journey Mapping Future State Report Executive Summary cover

This qualitative research project aimed at providing deeper insights about the member experience with the College. We tracked the journey from the moment a member thinks of becoming a specialist, all throughout their training, to practising as a specialist and finally, the transition into retirement.

We found the Project has also complemented and informed our quantitative research, for example the Member Satisfaction Survey.

The insights from this Project are being used to help us better target our products and services more closely to the needs of our members. This will help us to offer a compelling 'value proposition' – the benefit our members receive from being part of the College.

Importantly, the Project has allowed us to articulate the desired member experience for the future.

The Member Journey Mapping Project previously featured in the RACP Quarterly September/October 2018 edition – 'Understanding your experiences, what you need, and when – Member Journey Mapping'.

For further information or to provide feedback on the Member Journey Mapping Project, contact us.

* The Fellowship Committee is responsible for the development of the Member Engagement Strategy.
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