Professional, respectful and supportive behaviour in physician training and practice

The College works with its members and external stakeholders to support the highest standards of professional, respectful and supportive behaviour in all its activities.

This collaboration acknowledges the role of workplaces and training environments where College training programs are delivered and patient care is provided.

The College promotes a safe and supportive learning environment for Fellows and trainees through these measures:

Standards, policies and guidelines

  • raising awareness about the standards of behaviour expected of RACP members in the conduct of their professional duties.
  • reviewing current standards for accreditation of training sites specifically relating to training and unacceptable behaviour, including workplace bullying.
  • establishing agreed protocols with employers about investigation and management of complaints.

Training and support


  • collaborating with other medical professional organisations to share and/or develop learning resources for trainees and supervisors that promote wellness and positive behaviour.
  • working with employers and accredited sites to reinforce the standards of behaviour and conduct expected of College supervisors.
  • clarifying the role of the College and employers when unacceptable behaviour occurs in the workplace.
The College has developed curriculum, policies and guidelines that articulate standards and behaviour expected of Fellows and Trainees in the conduct of their professional duties. These include:

Professional Qualities Curriculum

This curriculum outlines learning objectives and associated knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required and used by all physicians and paediatricians within Australia and New Zealand regardless of their specialty including:

  • respect for and acknowledgement of professional contributions of all others in the workplace, including office staff and employees.
  • no tolerance in the workplace of unacceptable behaviour including bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • supporting colleagues who are affected by unacceptable behaviour.

See Respectful Behaviour in College Training Programs Statement (PDF 314KB)

Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance Guide

A framework which is based on the Professional Qualities Curriculum and describes professional behaviours to support physician performance for safe, high quality practice. Examples of behaviours related to physician training and practice include:

  • providing regular, constructive feedback (to learners) without personalising issues.
  • being collegial and professional in dealings with members of department or practice.
  • working effectively and cooperatively with colleagues in other areas to ensure that patient care is seamless.

RACP Code of Conduct

The RACP Code of Conduct (PDF 142KB) defines expectations of Directors and Members in how they show respect for others including: 

  • acting honestly
  • treating all other persons fairly and with dignity, courtesy and respect
  • not using offensive language or behaviour in the workplace
  • not engaging in any form of unlawful discrimination
  • not engaging in any form of bullying or harassment or physical or verbal conduct, which a reasonable person would deem to be unwelcome, offensive, humiliating, or intimidating

Support Helpline

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Support Program is a professional and confidential counselling service, available to all RACP Fellows and trainees.

The program provides members with access to confidential counselling, coaching and support for workplace and personal issues.

You can talk to your Converge International consultant about:

  • interpersonal conflict and tension
  • work-related stress and overload
  • changes in your work environment
  • bullying, harassment and grievances
  • discrimination and sexual harassment
  • relationship or family matters
  • personal and emotional stress
  • grief and bereavement
  • alcohol and drug related problems
  • mental health, including depression and anxiety
  • anger and violence
  • crisis intervention and trauma counselling
  • vicarious trauma
  • self-harm and suicide


You can arrange to speak directly with a Senior Converge International Consultant face-to-face, over the phone or via the internet.

To make an appointment, or request to speak with a RACP Support Program consultant, call 1300 687 327 (Aust) or 0800 666 367 (NZ).

Converge's consultants

All Converge International consultants are qualified professionals with extensive experience in their specialty areas, with knowledge of the health industry, including registered psychologists and experienced social workers.


You can be assured that your confidentiality is maintained through the RACP Support Program. Details of your participation, issues or attendance will not be passed onto the RACP or your employer.

Converge International will periodically provide RACP with de-identified statistical data, that does not identify any individual information.

Policy review

RACP have reviewed policies to protect Fellows and trainees from bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment. ​Read the findings and recommendations.

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