College Elections

Election results

Voting in the 2016 College elections is now closed.

Following requests from College Fellows and trainees, the Board resolved that the number of votes received by candidates in the election of RACP President-Elect and for other College Officer Holder positions will be made available to all Members of the College on the College’s website as soon as practicable after the closing date for voting.

The number of votes received by each candidate is as follows:

RACP President-Elect

Clinical Associate Professor Mark Lane  581 votes (30.6%) 
Professor John Wilson 518 votes (27.2%)
Professor Philip Morris 463 votes (24.4%)
Associate Professor Alasdair MacDonald 339 votes (17.8%)

Eligible voters: 22,669
Total votes cast: 1,901
Voter turnout: 8.4%

Adult Medicine Division President-Elect

Professor Paul Komesaroff  525 votes (53.7%) 
Dr Nick Buckmaster 453 votes (46.3%)

Eligible voters: 16,149
Total votes cast: 978
Voter turnout: 6.1%

Adult Medicine Division Council

Associate Professor Deborah Yates  435 votes (18.0%)
Dr Helen Rhodes 405 votes (16.7%)
Professor Donald Campbell 369 votes (15.2%)
Associate Professor Ian Fraser 363 votes (15.0%)
Dr Daniel Sathianathan 241 votes (10.0%)
Associate Professor Bernard Yan 226 votes (9.3%)
Professor Geoffrey Duggin 192 votes (7.9%)
Professor David Kandiah 190 votes (7.9%)

Eligible voters: 13,322
Total votes cast: 698
Voter turnout: 5.2%

Paediatrics and Child Health Division President-Elect

 Professor Paul Colditz 351 votes (57.6%)
 Dr Paul Bauert 258 votes (42.4%)

Eligible voters: 4,722
Total votes cast: 609
Voter turnout: 12.9%

Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine President -Elect

Dr Beata Byok  58 votes (53.7%)
Dr Amanda Sillcock 50 votes (46.3%)
Eligible voters: 497
Total votes cast: 108
Voter turnout: 21.7%

Election scrutineer’s report

The College’s auditors, Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd, were appointed by the Board* prior to the elections, to act as scrutineer. 

They were engaged to check and confirm the validity of votes cast in all five ballots.

Download the Grant Thornton 2016 College elections scrutineer’s report (PDF 177KB)

*In accordance with clause 3.5 of the College By-law for the Nomination and Election Process for the Board of the College and its College Bodies

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