Ramazzini Prize

Applications are submitted via the RACP Congress website 

The Ramazzini Prize is an annual award presented to an Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) trainee who presents the best scientific paper related to Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) at the AFOEM Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) or at the RACP Congress. The presentation assists trainees to demonstrate their research methods and communication competencies. 

All AFOEM Advanced Trainees must present a paper for the Ramazzini Prize at least once during their OEM training to meet eligibility requirements for Fellowship.

About Bernadino Ramazzini 

The prize is named after the late Bernardino Ramazzini, an Italian physician considered to be the founder of occupational and industrial medicine. His studies of occupational diseases and his advocacy of workers’ protection measures encouraged the eventual passage of factory safety and workmen's compensation laws.  

In 1700, Ramazzini wrote the first important book on occupational diseases and industrial hygiene called De Morbis Artificum Diatriba (Diseases of Workers).

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible to submit a Ramazzini Presentation abstract you must:

  • Be a registered AFOEM trainee
  • Have already submitted your research project report

What is the prize? 

The recipient of the Ramazzini Prize will receive:

  • $750
  • A certificate 

The Faculty President will present the Ramazzini Prize at the RACP Congress.

How do I apply?

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions (Prizes)
  2. Submit your abstract via the RACP Congress website
  3. To be eligible, the submitted abstract must:
    • Be no more than 250 words
    • Follow the Ramazzini Presentation Abstract guidelines

Refer to the AFOEM Training Handbook to ensure you meet all criteria to present at the RACP Congress.

What is the selection process?

The primary purpose of the Ramazzini presentation is for the RACP to assess trainees on their presentation and communication skills in the context of presenting research to a scientific audience.

  1. A member of AFOEM will check that abstracts meet the requisite standard and guidelines. The authors of all abstracts meeting these criteria will be able to present at the AFOEM Stream at the RACP Congress.
  2. The RACP will invite successful applicants to present at the RACP Congress.
  3. A Judging Panel will judge applicant presentations at the RACP Congress.
  4. The Panel will judge presentations on:
    • General presentation skills
    • Ability to communicate OEM ideas and principles to peers
    • Ability to answer questions related to OEM in a public forum of peers 

Please read the Guidelines for Trainees on Ramazzini Presentations for further advice.

Contact us 

For more information on the Ramazzini Prize, please contact the RACP Foundation at foundation@racp.edu.au

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