Penelope Lowe Prize

Applications are now closed.

The RACP awarded the Penelope Lowe Prize to the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM) trainee with the best-case presentation at the AChSHM Annual Scientific Meeting held in March 2018.

The Penelope Lowe Prize is named in memory of Dr Penelope Lowe, FAChSHM and former Chapter Trainee Representative, who passed away in 2010.

Who is eligible?

Applicants for the Penelope Lowe Prize must be a registered AChSHM trainee.

Note: You cannot apply if you are a previous recipient of the Penelope Lowe Prize.

What is the prize?

The Penelope Lowe Prize recipient will receive $500 and a certificate.

What is the selection process?

  1. Members of the RACP Award Review Panel will assess all abstract submissions and select those of the highest standard for oral presentation at the AChSHM Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)​ to be held in March 2018.  Selection criteria are:
    • An important or interesting clinical issue (necessary)
    • Emerging or ground-breaking treatments or a recently ‘discovered’ facet of an established area of medicine (encouraged)
    • Educational value of the case (taken into account)
  2. If selected to make a presentation, you should prepare your case in consultation with your Supervisor. Supervisors are encouraged to attend the session to support their trainee and provide expert comment.
  3. A Judging Panel with three judges (including President or President-Elect, Education Chair and one other Fellow who is not the supervisor of any candidates) will assess all presentations at the ASM.
  4. Selected participants give a 10 minute case presentation at the ASM.
  5. Following the presentation, the session chair will request the panellists or the audience to ask any questions regarding the facts of the case, which the presenter will answer.
  6. The judges will assess each presentation on the following criteria:
    • Quality of presentation
    • Educational value of the case
    • Discussion of the literature and knowledge displayed
    • Response to questions
  7. The AChSHM will announce the prize recipient at the ASM.

If there are no presentations of sufficiently high standard, the AChSHM will not award a prize.

More information

For more information on the Penelope Lowe Prize, please contact the RACP Foundation at

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