Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the RACP Foundation have announced two awards to support the advancement of research and education by developing both research and teaching capacity. These awards are open to both trainees and Fellows of the Faculty. 

Awards and Prizes


The College Terms & Conditions (Prizes) (PDF 62KB) apply to the following awards.  Please ensure you read them carefully.

President's Awards

These awards formally recognise the outstanding contributions made by Fellows and trainees to The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) and offered in each of the following categories annually:

  • Education, Training and Assessment - Fellows who have contributed significantly to the Faculty's Education, Training and Assessment programs.
  • Policy and Advocacy - Fellows or trainees who have contributed to the Faculty's Policy and Advocacy.
  • Trainee Commitment Award - Trainees who have shown an outstanding commitment to the Faculty's Education and Training Program.

Deane Southgate Award

This is awarded to the graduating Fellow with the highest aggregate mark for the Written and Practical examinations. 

Ramazzini Prize

The Ramazzini Prize is presented annually to the trainee who presents the best scientific paper at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM). It is a requirement that a trainee must present a paper for the Ramazzini prize at the ASM at least once during their training period to attain Fellowship. This enables trainees to demonstrate their research methods and communication competencies.

AFOEM Essay Prize

This is awarded for the best essay written additional to curriculum requirements, or the best research project or assignment required, either obligatory or optionally, in the assessment of courses in occupational or environmental health by a medical student. Further details about how to apply will be available late July.

Research Awards and Scholarships

The application forms for these awards can be found within the listed Award Categories.


RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship

RACP AFOEM Education Development Grant  (Study Grant)   

Indigenous Health Scholarship for Occupational & Environmental Medicine

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