Future-proofing the healthcare system

The RACP plays an active role in election campaigns on both sides of the Tasman by advocating for policies explicitly designed to improve health outcomes for our communities.

As part of its 2019 Australian election campaign, the College has developed the Australian Government Election Statement 2019.

The Statement sets out key recommendations for future-proofing the Australian healthcare system, organised into the three priority areas of sustainability, prevention and equity. The recommendations included in the Statement form a virtuous circle: they work to reinforce each other and amplify the overall benefits to the healthcare system and the community.

Make your voice heard

The RACP has prepared a suite of materials to support member advocacy. These include letter templates which can be used to write to your local Member of Parliament or to your local newspaper, social media champion kits, and fact sheets on key priorities.

The advocacy assets focus on RACP priority policy issues that clearly demonstrate the linkages between prevention, sustainability and equity and that will deliver much needed health and social benefits to the community. These include:

  • childhood obesity which falls under the priority area of prevention
  • climate change and health which falls under the priority area of sustainability
  • Indigenous health which falls under the priority area of equity

Please use any or all the advocacy assets linked below to help the RACP sound a clear and resounding call to action during this election campaign.

We strongly encourage members to make your voices heard right up to and and on Saturday 18 May by sharing your experiences with us via social media or by email at policy@racp.edu.au


Future-proofing the Australian healthcare system will require concerted action in three priority areas: we need a healthcare system that prioritises prevention, promotes equity and is fiscally and environmentally sustainable.

Childhood obesity

The growing rate of childhood obesity in Australia is a serious health concern. Kids with obesity are five times more likely to become obese adults and when obesity is experienced earlier in life, children grow up to face greater physical and mental health challenges. If we don’t act now, we might be condemning a generation of children to serious preventable illness and early death.

  • Write to your local Member of Parliament or your local newspaper using this letter template to call for action on childhood obesity.
  • Use and share this fact sheet on childhood obesity to raise awareness of the issues and key actions that the incoming government should commit to.
  • Use these tweets to raise awareness of the issues and call on all parties to act on childhood obesity.

For further information and links to the RACP’s policy on obesity, see our Obesity policy.

Climate change and health

The health impacts of climate change are a critical public health concern. Urgent national action on climate change will simultaneously reduce the increasing harms and risks of climate change and improve health outcomes for Australians, the region and the world.

For further information and links to the RACP’s policy on climate change and health, go to Climate Change and Health.

Indigenous health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to suffer greater incidence of ill health due to adverse effects of colonisation through structural oppression, racism, intergenerational trauma and barriers to accessing care. We urgently need a coordinated national approach that focuses on Indigenous leadership and resilience and delivers dedicated long-term funding for tailored health strategies and programs.

For further information, you can review the RACP’s Medical Specialist Access Framework and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Position Statement.  

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