Indigenous Medical Specialist Access

Why is Indigenous medical specialist access a priority topic for the RACP?

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia have limited access to specialist medical care. Improving access to specialist services for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is critically important.

The RACP’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee (ATSIHC)  is developing a national framework to promote and support improved access to specialist care for Australia’s first peoples.

What is the College doing?

In 2014, the College hosted a Specialist Access Roundtable, for a wide range of health and Indigenous health experts, resulting in the RACP S​pecialist Access Roundtable Consensus Statement (PDF) that sets out the principles and elements of equitable specialist medical care.  Following concerted advocacy by the RACP, specialist access is now a priority of the Implementation Plan for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan (NATSIHP)

How can I contribute my expertise?

RACP Trainees and Physicians need to see Represent Your Profession or email or use the online contact form.

Where can I read more?

Read published RACP policies, position statements or submissions by searching the Policy and Advocacy Library or view the latest Policy Submissions.   
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