Fellowship marks

Fellowship Marks are intended for use by Fellows or members to denote their membership of the RACP and affiliation with a particular College body. 

Unlike the College crest which can only be used in relation to College business, the Fellowship mark will be available for use by Fellows in their own professional settings. 

They can be used on stationery in correspondence with patients:

On electronic communications such as email signature blocks:

Or on your practise signage:

The design process

The three options below have been designed by a professional graphic designer, guided by our Fellows and with input from Division, Faculty and Chapter bodies, the Fellowship Committee and the RACP Board.

The RACP encompasses nine Divisions, Faculties and Chapters and forty two different specialties. As such, the designs of the Fellowship mark must appeal to all. 

The two contemporary designs use stylised heraldic elements from our College crest that are internationally recognisable and broadly applicable to all Divisions, Faculties and Chapters. Fonts and colours follow the College’s branding guidelines.



The third traditional option lifts the central escutcheon or shield from the College crest.
A degree of stylisation of the details used from the crest is necessary, to ensure that Fellowship marks can be reproduced in a variety of sizes and resolutions. 

All Divisions Faculties and Chapters are being presented with these same three visual options; the only difference being the variation in post nominals and wording according to a Fellow or members respective affiliation. 

Fellows who hold membership of two College bodies, eg: FRACP and FAChPM can choose which option of mark to use.


All Divisions, Faculties and Chapters, including trainees as future Fellows will be invited to rank the three visual designs in order of favour via an electronic poll.

The most popular of the three options will be selected as the College Fellowship Mark and available for members to download in it’s appropriate variation, along with usage guidelines. It will be provided as digital files in a number of resolutions suitable for everything from email signatures through to larger scale printed signs.

It’s use is entirely at a Fellow or members discretion.
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