Finalise and submit a record - Desktop

The following help article will assist you in submitting an activity to your MyCPD record on your desktop.

You can submit the MyCPD record once you have finished entering your CPD activities in accordance with the relevant year MyCPD framework, ensuring you have met the annual minimum requirement of 100 CPD credits.

Before you submit it is important that you check over the activities entered for accuracy and ensure that the activities meet the MyCPD framework and annual minimum requirement for the respective year.

1. On the Home page, select the MyCPD summary tile.


2. You will be taken to the MyCPD Summary page for the current year.


3. To move to a previous year in order to submit the record, select the drop down menu at the top right side of the screen beneath the Add activity button. You can select the relevant year from this menu and follow the next steps to submit the record.


4. When ready and confident that your MyCPD record is complete in accordance with the MyCPD framework and annual minimum requirements for the respective year, select Finalise and submit MyCPD for [year] button located at the bottom of the page. This will submit the relevant year MyCPD record.


5. After selecting the finalise and submit button, a pop-up will appear to prompt you to review and confirm your registration scope. You can change your registration type by selecting the Change button.

6. If you hold a Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) registration you will need to answer the relevant questions outlined beneath the MCNZ compulsory requirements header. To select your answer to question slide the toggle bar next to the answer to green.


7. To confirm and finish finalising the MyCPD record, scroll down to select the Confirm button at the bottom of the page.


After submitting the MyCPD record you will be able to download and/or print the CPD certificate of completion. To find out how follow the instructions for downloading and/or printing CPD certificate of completion

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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