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The following help article will assist you in uploading files to your MyCPD record and the My Files section on your desktop.

Uploading documentation is not compulsory but is recommended. AHPRA requires medical practitioners to retain evidence for a minimum of 3 years for audit purposes. Please ensure that you do not upload any files containing identifiable patient details or other sensitive information, and that all files comply with relevant privacy guidelines.

Please note that the College conducts a CPD audit procedure each for the CPD program participants. Each year 5% of MyCPD participants are randomly selected for the CPD audit. This includes RACP Fellows who have withdrawn from the MyCPD program due to their participation in an alternative CPD program. Fellows with an incomplete CPD record or audit from the previous year may also be included in the CPD audit.

There are two ways to upload files to ​the MyCPD program:

Uploading a file when adding an activity

Below are the instructions for uploading a file ​within Add activity. First follow the instructions ​for adding an activity, when in the add activity section you can attach evidence by following the below instructions.

1. Scroll down the page to Evidence, within the Add activity section. Under the section entitled Files, there are two options for uploading files:

  • Choose file you uploaded previously
  • Upload a new file


To choose an existing file:

1. Click on the drop down menu where it says –Please select--.



2. Choose the file you would like to upload, and select Attach File.


The file will now appear beneath the Attached Files section.


Note that existing files only appear if you have already uploaded new files to a past activity or directly to the My Files section.

To Upload a new file:

1. Select Choose File and access the relevant file stored on your desktop or files.

2. Select Choose and select Upload File.


The file will now appear beneath the Uploaded Files​ section.


Uploading a file via My Files

Alternatively, you can upload files and create folders via the My Files section.

A) On the Home page, select the My Files tile with the paper clip, or


B) If you are on another page such as MyCPD Summary you can go to the My Files section by selecting the My Files from the menu on the left side of the screen.


Within the My Files section, you ​can upload and store files as well as create folders that relate to your CPD activities or Learning Plan.

You can structure this page with Folders and/or File how you see fit.

To upload a file: 

1. Select Upload file.

The file types that can be uploaded include Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDF, JPEG or PNG images.


2. The pop-up box will appear and you can select Choose File to find the file from your desktop or relevant computer drive.

3. Select Upload to add the file to your My Files section on MyCPD.


To create a folder: 

1. Select Create folder.


2. A pop-up box will appear and you can name the folder as you please.

3. Select Create to add the folder to the My Files section on MyCPD.

If you wish to cancel out of creating a Folder or uploading a File select Cancel and it will take you back to the My Files section.


4. Once you have created a Folder or File the File/Folder will appear in the My Files section.


5. If you have added the file via the Add activity tab and saved the activity the file will appear as a file in the My Files section.


Please note that when the file is highlighted red (see the Colour Combination.png file above) this indicates the file is not linked to an activity.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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