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The RACP is required to conduct a quality assurance CPD audit as part of the College’s accreditation with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

5% of MyCPD participants are selected for CPD audit each year, including both random and mandatory selection.

Helpful CPD audit resources

2018 resources:
2018 examples of acceptable CPD evidence  — please note that this is not an exhaustive list and other types of documentation may be accepted.

2018 CPD acknowledgement of participation template — to be completed by the audit participant’s supervisor, peer, or activity organiser.

2019 resources:
2019 examples of acceptable CPD evidence

2019 CPD acknowledgement of participation template - to be completed by the audit participant's supervisor, peer or activity organiser. 

2019 CPD peer review log 

2019 Supervisor peer review form

General audit resources:
CPD reading, listening, watching log 

Audit requirements

The CPD audit commences after the MyCPD program year closes on 31 March. Audit participants are notified by email and have until 31 July to provide sufficient audit documentation. The CPD unit will follow up participants with 2 email reminders and an attempted phone call before the audit deadline of 31 July.

In order to pass the audit, participants are required to provide documentary evidence that verifies 100 credits claimed in their MyCPD record in accordance with the MyCPD framework. For New Zealand participants, this includes evidence of participation in the compulsory MCNZ CPD activities:

  • 50 hours of continuing professional development (CPD)
  • 20 hours of continuing medical education (CME)
  • 10 hours of peer review
  • Participation in an audit of medical practice

For Fellows who have been participating in an alternative accredited CPD program, evidence of participation in the alternative program for the audit year will be sufficient to pass the audit.

Once the audit has been successfully completed, participants are exempt from being randomly selected again for the next three years. However, participants will not be exempt from mandatory selection due to an incomplete MyCPD record.

Audit participants who do not provide sufficient CPD documentation by the deadline will be deemed non-compliant and will be included in the following year's mandatory CPD audit.

Acceptable CPD audit documentation

As a general rule, audit documentation should be from a third party and contain the activity title, date, and name of the audit participant to verify their participation. Personal calendar and diary entries will not be accepted except to substantiate journal readings. Invitations and flyers for conferences and workshops are also not acceptable forms of evidence.

AHPRA requires medical practitioners to retain evidence for a minimum of 3 years for audit purposes. 

Doctors have an ethical, professional, and legal duty to respect patient rights to privacy and confidentiality. Please ensure that all patient information is de-identified in documentation provided.

CPD activities undertaken with the RACP (e.g. supervising trainees, examining, committee involvement, reviewing publications) can be verified internally by the College – documentation is not required if 'RACP' has been specified in the activity description.

Fellows are encouraged to upload documentation to the relevant activity in their MyCPD record. Alternatively, audit documentation can be emailed to the CPD unit at MyCPD@racp.edu.au or MyCPD@racp.org.nz. Please do not post hard copies to the CPD unit as paperwork will not be returned.

The CPD unit is happy to help with any questions about the CPD audit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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