Create a Professional Development Plan - Tablet

The following help article will assist you in creating a professional development plan in MyCPD on your tablet.

Meaningful professional development plans are essential to planning your future learning. Reflect on your professional development needs and scope of practice, and set a specific learning goal.

It may be helpful to consider professional, organisational and national priorities in your specialty area(s). You can add as many plans as you wish, and link them to CPD activities to claim credits.

The MyCPD professional development plan uses the SMART goals framework to help set realistic and measurable goals.

There are four sections within the Professional Development Plan, these are as follows:

Needs assessment
Areas of work
Activities (optional)

There are three ways to access Professional Development Plan in the MyCPD program.

1. A) On the Home page, select the Professional Development Plan from the very top right menu next to notifications, or

B) You can select the Professional Development Plan tile, or

updated_home_pdp_tablet updated_pdp_A_tablet

C) If you are on another page such as MyCPD Summary you can access the Plan by selecting the Plan option at the bottom of the page.


All options will take you to the Development Plan section within the MyCPD Summary screen.

2. To create a new professional development plan select Add PDP.


Needs assessment

3. Enter a Plan name within the text box below. 

Within this section you are also able to enter key areas of need for your CPD. We recommend you assess your learning needs by reflecting on areas of practice or skills that you would like to improve.


Areas of work

4. To check your currently selected specialties or to add / change specialties, select the Add / change specialties button.


5. The list of specialties will appear, with active specialties having a toggle bar in green and inactive specialties toggle bar is grey. Change the toggle bars for the specialties you wish to make inactive or active. 



6. Enter the high level goals you wish to achieve in the text box. This section should outline your goal setting purpose and we recommend using the SMART goals framework. 

7. Slide the toggle to the right-hand side to select your answer/s relating to measuring completion. When it is green, this means it has been selected.

8. Slide the toggle to the right-hand side to select your answer/s relating to available resources for your goal. When it is green, this means it has been selected.

9. In the text box outline how this plan is relevant to your scope of practice.

10. Slide the toggle to the right-hand side to indicate your timeframe for completing this goal. When it is green, this means it has been selected.


Activities (optional)

Within this activities section you can attach your goal to an existing CPD activity or you can create additional CPD activities. 


11. To choose existing CPD activities that will support the completion of your plan, click on the 'please select' box.


This will expand to show you all of the activities you have already saved to your CPD record. Then select the activities that you would like to attach to the plan. A tick box will appear next to the selected activities.



12. To create additional activities to attach to your plan, slide the toggle to the right-hand side so it now appears green. If you select this tick box to create additional activity, this will take you to a new Add Activity page when you save the plan and the goal will appear linked to the new activity.

You can also choose to attach CPD activities to your plan at a later stage.


13. Once you are finished select the Save button at the bottom of the right side of the page.


This will save the plan to your Professional Development Plan in MyCPD.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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