Rename or delete a folder - Mobile

The following help article will assist you in renaming or deleting a folder in MyCPD on your mobile.

To rename a folder, please follow the below instructions.

1. There are three ways to access My Files in the MyCPD program.

A) On the Home page, select the My Files from the very top right menu next to notifications.


B) You can select the My Files tile with the paper clip.




C) If you are on another page such as MyCPD Summary you can go to the My Files section by selecting the bottom paper clip Files.


2. The My Files page will contain a listing of the files and folders you have uploaded. Within the My Files section you are able to view and edit your files.

3. To edit a folder name, select the settings icon to the right side of the folder. The folder/s are evident by the folder icon next to the name.


4. When you select the settings icon, you can choose to rename the folder or delete the folder. To rename the folder, select the Rename option.


5. A pop-up box will appear for you to rename the folder within the text field.

6. To finalise the renaming, select the Rename button. If you don’t wish to rename the folder, select Cancel and you will be taken back to the My Files section.


To delete a folder, please follow the below instructions.

1. To delete a file, select the Delete button.


2. A pop-up box will appear requesting if you are sure you wish to delete the folder.

3. If you are ready to delete the folder, select the Delete button. If you are unsure and wish to go back to My Files select Cancel. 


If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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