My practice improvements - Desktop

The following help article will assist you in viewing, editing and deleting a Practice Change on your desktop.

1. View your practice changes.

A) You can access My Practice Changes from the MyCPD Homepage by selecting View Summary underneath MyCPD Summary.  



B) Via the left-hand menu.

2. On the My Practice Changes scree, click on the Category you wish to expand.


3. Select the Setting cog icon on the right-hand side of your Practice Changes, and a drop-down menu will appear.

Here you can edit practice improvement, mark as complete or delete the practice change. 


4.To edit practice improvement, click on the edit practice improvement button from the settings


5. This will bring you to the edit activity screen for that activity. Here you can type in your practice improvement goals and set a reminder. 

Be sure to click save at the bottom of the screen once completed. 


6. Select the mark as complete button once you have completed a practice improvement. 

7. When a task has been marked as completed a tick icon will appear on the summary page. 



8. Alternatively, you can choose to delete the practice improvement completely.

9. A pop up box will then appear to confirm if you wish to delete this improvement. Click delete to proceed or cancel to return to the summary page without deleting the improvement. 



You will see any updates you have made, reflected in the Practice Changes section when you close the pop-up.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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