Recording hours - Desktop

The following help article will assist you in recording hours of an activity in your MyCPD record on your desktop.

Activities are added individually into the MyCPD program. They will appear in the MyCPD Summary page once entered and saved. You may decide to later edit these activities, attach evidence, or add a reflection.

1. Enter the number of hours against the relevant specialty by selecting the plus or minus icons, or by entering the number as text. 

  • If you are recording a single activity, the hours recorded will be for the total number of hours you wish to claim.
  • If you are recording a recurring activity or an activity with multiple dates, the number of hours recorded should relate to each individual session. For example, if you attended a meeting for one hour every week, you would record the hours as one against the relevant specialty. The program will automatically calculate the total numbers of hours based on the recurring entry.


2. If the appropriate specialty is not appearing select the Add/change specialties below the specialty list on the lower left of the screen, please view our guide on adding/changing specialties if you require further information. 

Go to help desk article for adding evidence.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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