View CPD history - Tablet

The following help article will assist you in viewing past MyCPD records on your tablet.

The MyCPD program allows you to view your CPD records retrospectively year by year from when you began having a CPD requirement to date.

You can also print certificates and statements for the prior year(s) CPD.

Click here for instructions to view your past CPD activities.

Click here for instructions to view your past CPD history and status.

To view your past CPD activities:

1. There are two ways to view your past CPD activities.

A) On the Home page, select MyCPD summary from the very top right menu next to notifications, or

B) On the Home page, select the View summary tile.



2. You will be taken to the current year MyCPD Summary.


3. To go to past CPD records, select the drop down menu at the top right side of screen. You can select the year you wish to view from the drop menu.


4. When you select the year you wish to view the MyCPD Summary for that year will appear.


To view past CPD history and status:

1. On the Home page, select the View history tile.


2. You will be taken to the History page, which shows a summary of each years' CPD record.


3. The CPD status is reflected at the top indicating either ‘In Progress’ or ‘Complete’.

4. You can view the CPD credits and hours relating to each category in the table below the CPD status.

5. At bottom of the table you can select the Summary option to go to the MyCPD Summary for the relevant year.

6. Next to the Summary option you can access the certificate for that year by selecting Certificate. The below screen will appear and if the record is complete you can select to download the certificate, or statement, or export your CPD record to a Microsoft excel statement. Note if your record is in progress you can only access the statement.


7. As you scroll down the screen the past years’ CPD status and record summary will appear for you to view.


If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CPD team.

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