What is MyCPD?

What is MyCPD?

In a healthcare context, continuing professional development (CPD) consists of a range of activities undertaken to maintain clinical skills and knowledge, as well as competence in the delivery of patient-centred care.

The RACP provides an accredited CPD program called ‘MyCPD’ to assist Fellows in meeting their mandated CPD requirements, which are set by the Medical Board of Australia and the Medical Council of New Zealand.

The online MyCPD program is a self-reporting tool with a flexible framework, within which specialists are encouraged to self-accredit and record CPD activity relevant to their scope of practice.

MyCPD allows Fellows to plan, record, and reflect on their learning throughout the year. We recommend that participants plan their CPD activities at the beginning of the year, and subsequently record activities on the go using the MyCPD mobile interface.

Access to MyCPD for Advanced Trainees

Advanced Trainees approaching Fellowship can get ready for continuing professional development (CPD) with free early access to MyCPD.

Advanced Trainees can use MyCPD to log any educational activities they do and begin to understand CPD requirements in preparation for Fellowship. Trainees will not need to submit anything until becoming a Fellow.

To request access of if you have any questions, please contact MyCPD@racp.edu.au  (Australia) or MyCPD@racp.org.nz (New Zealand).

Access to MyCPD for non-Fellows

Non-Fellow medical practitioners can pay an annual MyCPD subscription fee to enrol in the MyCPD program.  As a MyCPD participant, you will be held to the College’s CPD standard (including the CPD audit) and receive communications from the CPD unit.

Download the Non-Fellow MyCPD enrolment application form

Mission statement of the RACP CPD program ‘MyCPD’

Through its continuing professional development (CPD) program, the RACP assists Fellows to equip themselves for their professional roles throughout their career.

  • The CPD program strives to ensure that participants meet the professional standards of the College, the expectations of the public, and the regulatory requirements of government authorities.
  • The RACP recognises that professional development needs to be personal, adaptable and appropriate to each Fellow’s context and scope of practice.
  • The CPD program guides Fellows to improve their knowledge, skills, and performance to ensure that they deliver appropriate and safe health care.
  • The CPD program continually seeks to evaluate its effectiveness and innovate to improve the support it provides to the professional development of Fellows.
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