Assessment pilot for selection into training

We're trialling a new assessment to help settings select suitable applicants into Basic Training.

Local selection committees seek to select applicants who are likely to succeed in their Basic Training programs from a high number of applicants.

We’re collaborating with 5 Paediatrics & Child Health training settings and networks around Australia to evaluate whether a pre-interview assessment tool can improve the selection process for both applicants and local selection committees.

We're partnering with an experienced provider to pilot a test called 'Casper', an online assessment that measures applicants’ ability to reflect on and communicate responses to interpersonal and professional dilemmas. The test focuses on the attributes defined in the Basic Training selection criteria, particularly:

  • communication
  • cultural safety
  • ethics and professional behaviour
  • leadership management and teamwork
Have your say

Complete this short survey to have have your say on types of behaviours that represent high-quality professional practice by physicians and paediatricians.Your input helps us ensure the assessment:

  • is fair, equitable and culturally appropriate for all test-takers
  • represents the views of key stakeholders in physician training and physicians' services
  • aligns with the context and expectations of Basic Trainees

Pilot Project on Trainee Selection | This video guides you through what to expect from the survey.

We seek input from diverse community perspectives, including people who interact with physicians in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Responses are anonymous. The survey is open until 15 December 2021.

Take the survey

The pilot test will be run in mid-2022 with applicants for Basic Training at 5 Paediatrics & Child Health training settings and networks across Australia.


Will the Casper test results be used to decide if applicants get a Basic Training role in 2023?

No. The pilot test results will not be used as part of the 2022 selection process in any way. Candidate test results will only be used in the evaluation of the pilot that will investigate how well Casper scores relate to actual selection outcomes. Individual Casper results will not be shared with candidates or selection committees and will only be used by the evaluation team in a de-identified form.

Will you follow-up about my survey responses?

No. The survey findings will be held confidentially by the test provider and used to inform the types of scenarios used in the assessment. As the results are confidential, we won’t be able to follow up on any individual experiences described.

Will the test be piloted with Adult Internal Medicine and/or Aotearoa New Zealand applicants?

The 2022 pilot will be limited to applicants at selected Paediatrics & Child Health training settings and networks in Australia. The outcomes will inform decisions on whether the test is fit-for-purpose or needs further piloting outside of Australian Paediatrics & Child Health training settings.

Will the test be implemented at all Basic Training settings after pilot?

The pilot evaluation process investigates the usefulness of this assessment, and how it might be used in local selection practices. No decisions will be made about the broader use of the tool until the pilot evaluation results are available.

How can I find out more about the test?

We’ll update our FAQs in 2022 as we work with the test provider to get ready for the pilot. Applicants for Basic Training positions at pilot settings will get further information at the start of the recruitment round for 2023 training positions.

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