Prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships

What prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships do the RACP offer?

The RACP offers a number of ​prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships (Awards) through the RACP Foundation for current and future Physicians. The RACP Foundation Awards provide support for innovative medical research and medical training and acknowledge excellence.

See the full list of RACP Foundation Awards (prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships).


Who can apply for an Award (prize, grant, scholarship or fellowship)?

The RACP Foundation Awards support Physicians at all stages of their career. Awards are available for:

  • RACP Fellows
  • RACP trainees
  • Medical students
  • Medical graduates

Find out more about the Awards and how to apply.

What is the RACP Foundation?

The RACP Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the RACP.

The RACP Foundation awards prizes, grants, scholarships and fellowships to:

  • Support the education and training of current and future Physicians
  • Support world-class research to address the challenges facing healthcare today

Supported by donations from individuals, corporations and partner organisations, the RACP Foundation offers:

  • Up to 90 prizes to Fellows and trainees to acknowledge excellence
  • Between 55 - 65 research and education grants, scholarships and fellowships each year with Awards valued between  $10,000 up to $100,000 per annum


The RACP Foundation is supported by donations from individuals, corporations and partner organisations.

Invest in health by donating to the RACP Foundation.

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