CPD regular practice review

The Medical Council of New Zealand is encouraging all Colleges to develop regular practice review (RPR) as part of continuing professional development. RPR is optional for doctors registered in a vocational scope and compulsory for doctors registered in a general scope. The MCNZ has identified several key principles relating to RPR, including:

  • RPR is a formative process. It is a supportive and collegial review of a doctor's practice by peers, in a doctor's usual practice setting
  • RPR is informed by a portfolio of information provided by the doctor, which may include audit outcomes and logbooks
  • Multisource assessment forms part of a RPR
  • The RPR must include some component of external assessment that is by peers external to the doctor's usual practice settingi 

    The RACP is developing tools for RPR that are suitable for Physicians in a range of specialties and practice environments.

In reviewing the New Zealand approach to RPR the Medical Board of Australia has said "The New Zealand RPR process promotes the ability of the individual doctor to reflect on feedback, make changes to their practice and assess these changes and their effects with a colleague. Such approaches to practice and feedback appear to be an important component of making CPD more robust and contribute to effective revalidation".ii 

Regular practice review pilot

Trials of RPR are being conducted in New Zealand. The trials are testing a practice review in two parts:

  1. Professional Development Review (PDR) which is a formative review of the individual doctor's practice including clinical, professional skills, job satisfaction and job sizing. 
  2. An overarching Service Development Survey (previously known as a Service Review) of the unit or department in which the doctors who have completed the Professional Development Review are practising. The Service Review outlines in broad terms the key elements of health delivery for a particular service. It does not propose to set standards, but it does provide links to other documents that may inform the Service Review process. The Service Review could be applied to a single service, a department or an entire hospital. It will provide insight into the health care delivery across a service area and the infrastructure that supports it and the Physicians involved.
  3. For those who are working in isolation or as sole practitioners a form that combines both elements has been developed .This form is at the stage of initial trials. Please contact the Learning Support Unit if you would be interested in using the form. 

Process and Guidelines to support Regular Practice Reviews

The RACP developed a Process and guidelines document to support Regular Practice Reviews in New Zealand.

These documents aim to:

  • Define and clarify performance expectations particularly as expressed in the position description
  • Plan performance objectives
  • Review performance objectives
  • Seek feedback from each other regularly
  • Meet the learning needs identified in this review by actively pursuing the development opportunities
  • Examine CME/CPD activities relevant to your scope of practice

See the Report on regular practice review pilot 2013

Contact us

Contact the Learning Support Unit for further information on the regular practice review project.

Email: MSF.RPR@racp.edu.au

Medical Council of New Zealand. Policy on Regular Practice Review. Updated: 26 October 2016
ii Medical Board of Australia. Expert Advisory Group on revalidation. Interim Report. August 2016. Pg25. (Accessed December 2016)
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