Multisource feedback

What is MSF?

Multisource feedback (MSF) refers to processes of collecting patient and colleague feedback, completing a self-assessment questionnaire and, ideally, doing a debrief with a trained advisor. Patient and colleague feedback can be completed as separate activities.


  • objective, specific feedback on your professionalism and your practice
  • an opportunity for evidence based reflection and identification of areas of strength and areas for potential improvement
  • earn 3 MyCPD credits per hour
  • MSF meets Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) requirements as a peer review/audit activity and will meet proposed Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requirements as a reviewing performance activity

“[The MSF] has provided much more specific feedback about …day to day performance and other’s perception of your performance that enables you to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses that you can then do something about.”

RACP MSF trial participant - 2017

See Dr Atul Gawande speak on the value of 360 Feedback.

Importance of a debrief with a skilled and impartial advisor

Whether MSF is debriefed has a substantial impact on its effectiveness. In its 2018 paper Recertification – evidence to support change (PDF) the MCNZ stated:

A review of 16 studies into workplace-based assessment concluded “…multisource feedback can lead to performance improvement, although individual factors, the context of the feedback, and the presence of facilitation have a profound effect on the response” 11

RACP’s trial in 2017 strongly demonstrated the value of including a debrief of the MSF report with a trained advisor with 89% of candidates agreeing or agreeing strongly that the debrief was a valued component of the process.

“[The debrief] was without doubt the outstanding part of the process. The critical reflection I achieved in dialogue went vastly beyond the scope of what I could achieve looking at the report on my own and really crystallised some important but unrecognised professional issues for me.”

RACP MSF trial participant - 2017

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