Information for AFOEM or AFPHM Fellows

Important information for AFOEM Fellows

During 2017 a small group of Fellows of the AFOEM trialled colleague only feedback using a customised feedback questionnaire developed by the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine. All participated in a debrief of that feedback.

All six Fellows recommended colleague feedback only and a debrief. Five of the six preferred the customised feedback questionnaire over the generic questionnaire used by those in the main Fellows trial. In this early phase of MSF your debriefer with any provider will be a skilled advisor but not necessarily an AFOEM Fellow or physician. In the main Fellows’ trial, those debriefed by a non-Fellow found the debrief to be valuable.

AFOEM Fellows can complete colleague only feedback using the provider the College used during the AFOEM trial or by using any of the commercial providers available. 

Important information for AFPHM Fellows

The Faculty of Public Health Medicine identified prior to the RACP trials that the generic colleague feedback questionnaire used was not suitable for use with most Public Health Physicians. Liaison with the Faculty is continuing with the aim of identifying an appropriate alternative. A small number of AFPHM Fellows is currently participating in a trial of an MSF customised for Public Health by the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine. We plan to be in a position to report on this trial by the end of 2019.

Please email if you have participated in an MSF that you have found relevant to your work as a Public Health Fellow.

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