Ways to complete an MSF

The College does not recommend any particular provider of MSF but does strongly recommend that if Fellows complete an MSF that they include a debrief of their results.

There are several ways to complete MSF:

  1. Using the provider RACP used during its trial in 2017

    In a 2017 RACP trial using an external provider, 91 per cent of candidates said they would recommend MSF to other Fellows. A large majority of those candidates found that the surveys and processes used produced feedback that was relevant and accurate. As a result of their participation, 86% identified potential areas of practice change or improvement.

    More information on what is involved in completing an MSF.

    If you are a Fellow of either AFOEM or AFPHM please view further information.

  2. Other ways to complete MSF

Several commercial providers offer validated survey tools.

Many hospitals and health services have in-house processes available. Before participating, Fellows should be familiar with the purpose, data security, confidentiality and how the feedback will be presented and debriefed.

Several important factors were identified during the RACP trial that may impact on the effectiveness of your participation in an MSF. Read more.

Email msf.rpr@racp.edu.au if you have questions about completing patient and colleague feedback.

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