What is the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS)?

The Australian Government is currently working with States and Territories to progressively implement the smaller separate but related National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS). The NIIS will provide lifetime care for catastrophic injury caused by vehicular, medical, workplace and general accidents that occur in the home or community.

Support under the NIIS will to be provided on a no-fault basis and is intended to replace the various disparate State and Territory compensation schemes and provide a consistent universal immediate response to help people who sustain this sort of injury.

The Productivity Commission in August 2011 recommended that the NIIS be separate for a number of reasons, including:

  • reducing the cost of the NDIS through a fully funded insurance accident scheme;
  • making use of existing expertise and institutions of accident compensation schemes;
  • using incentives to deter risky behaviour and reduce local risks that can contribute to accidents; and
  • covering a broader range of health costs associated with catastrophic injuries, such as acute care and rehabilitation services.
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