Rural Health Continuing Education program resources

The RHCE Stream One program awards both individual and project grants. Individual grants assist specialists with accessing existing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. Project grants develop and deliver CPD activities for specialists and multi-disciplinary teams.

The Department of Health funded the RHCE Program. Visit Support for Rural Specialists in Australia  for more information about the Program, including the contributions of other Colleges

How do I get funding for a project?

Funds for projects and individual activities are available to Fellows via the RACP during funding rounds.

Contact the RHCE Liaison Officer for more information.

The RACP has been successful in receiving funding for eleven projects and has partnered with other Colleges to create resources.

Current RHCE Projects

Telehealth technology workshops will deliver two “hands on” workshops giving participants opportunities to test telehealth technologies. An online guide of software and hardware providers will also be produced. 

Treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF) in rural and remote Australia will adapt existing guidelines for CHF management and care to meet the unique challenges of rural locations, then hold workshops and create train-the-trainer materials.

Remote peer practice review for rural rehabilitation Physicians - We aim to develop and trial a model for conducting practice reviews remotely using videoconferencing and online tools.

Completed RHCE projects

Smoking cessation module focuses on smoking cessation for patients with complex disorders, based on a series of case studies.

Australian Aboriginal child health modules course cover cultural awareness in health care delivery and in understanding the role of cultural and socio-economic determinants in health outcomes.

Indigenous child and adult health modules course focuses on the common health problems found in the adult and paediatric Indigenous population.

Rural outcomes measurement enhancement (ROME) modules discusses a range of topics with a focus on health management in rural settings.

The critically obstructed airway module provides a ‘train the trainer’ approach to addressing the problem of the critically obstructed airway.

Indigenous cardiovascular health modules focuses on cardiovascular disease and healthcare in Indigenous rural and remote communities.

Telehealth and rehabilitation in rural and remote Australia project consisted of two videoconferences, a workshop and three presentations on the current work and future possibilities of telerehabilitation.

Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (SCSSC) used simulation and the theme of the deteriorating patient to develop skills and training capacity in rural and remote multi-professional teams.

With the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Intercultural Learning modules provide professional development in recognising your cultural expectations, and those of others, with a focus on intercultural skills, cultural competency and cultural safety.

Rural Procedural Audit Project provided support for fifteen rural centres as well as individual surgeons to collect and analyse audit data in key group procedures using an electronic data collection program.

With the Royal Australasian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

Communication and Management - A series of six online modules on communication and management, including internal and external communication, feedback and essentials of management.

Contact Us

For further information on any of the above projects email the RHCE Liaison Officer.

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