Supporting Physicians’ Professionalism and Performance (SPPP)

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What is SPPP?

The Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) framework assists Fellows and trainees to:

  • Reflect on their practice and performance, and
  • Identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for learning and professional development

The SPPP framework

The SPPP framework outlines the ten domains of a Physician's professional practice in addition to medical expertise:

  • Quality & Safety
  • Cultural Competency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Leadership & Management
  • Decision Making
  • Health Advocacy
  • The Broader Context of Health
View the SPPP Framework and SPPP Guide online. 

SPPP Guide

The SPPP Guide explores each of the ten domains of a Physician’s professional practice and provides examples of good and poor behaviours for each domain.

You can use the Guide as:

  • ​a self-assessment tool to reflect on your professional practice and identify areas requiring targeted learning and professional development.
  • ​a tool to support your working relationships with your employer or organisation through credentialing and other workplace processes.
  • ​part of your performance development and feedback process in the workplace.
  • ​to help develop consistent approaches to professional practice across specialties and fields of practice.

SPPP Resources

We have collated resources related to Physicians’ professionalism and performance including SPPP presentations, RACP News articles and external resources.

View the SPPP resources

Self-reflection and SPPP

Reflection underpins all of our learning. Consciously reflecting on your performance as a physician:

  • Ensures you learn from your day to day practice
  • Provides insights to your performance through self-appraisal
  • Helps you identify your learning needs and prioritise your professional development

Find out more about self-reflection, including tools to help you reflect on your professional practice.

Download The Reflective Physician - models to assist effective reflection (PDF 645KB)

Can I get MyCPD credits for self-reflection?

Yes, documented self-reflection practices is claimable in MyCPD under Category 5: Practice Review and Appraisal at three credits per hour.

Recommend a resource

The Supporting Physicians' Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Units aim to provide members with CPD opportunities across the various SPPP domains of professionalism.

We seek your input to develop a list of current resources that provide learning opportunities in:

  • Quality improvement (QI), or
  • Clinical practice improvement (CPI)

Include in your email:

  • The name of the program
  • Type of program (short courses/ post-graduate programs/ other programs)
  • Where, when, and how it is delivered
  • Provider contact details
  • Why you think the program would be appropriate for CPD at the RACP

Contact us at if you know of any programs that ensure QI or CPI.

Why was the SPPP framework and Guide developed?

The RACP developed the SPPP framework and Guide as a performance framework for Fellow and trainee Physicians. The development of the SPPP framework and Guide included a literature review and a pilot study.

Literature review (2010)

The purpose of the literature review was to:

  • Understand better the function of performance frameworks in supporting medical practitioners
  • Identify the performance elements commonly incorporated into performance frameworks
  • Explore how frameworks may be applied in order to facilitate performance development

Download the full SPPP literature review (PDF 882KB).

SPPP Pilot study (2012)

In early 2012, five pilot sites across Australia and New Zealand volunteered to implement and evaluate the SPPP Guide in their local organisations. Participants were from a range of professional backgrounds, including Occupational and Environmental Medicine Specialists, Paediatricians and Adult Medicine Physicians. The feedback provided in this pilot helped to affirm the positive aspects of the guide and identify areas for its improvement.

To learn more about the pilot study, download the  SPPP Implementation Pilot Study - 2012 summary document (PDF 30KB)

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SPPP resources

Resources and important links for the Supporting Physician's Professionalism and Performance (SPPP) framework and SPPP Guide.

Reflecting on your practice

Self-reflection underpins all of our learning. Learn more about how the SPPP framework and Guide connect to reflection.

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