Education Renewal

The RACP Education Renewal program centres around ongoing improvements to physician education, to reflect the changing nature of medicine and ensure the most effective care for the community.

Education Renewal is a series of interrelated projects planned for implementation over the coming years to help improve the trainee journey, the experience of educators and provide for our current and future physicians.


Find out about our latest education initiatives and how you can get involved.

Basic Training curricula renewal

Explore the improved curricula standards for Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health.

Advanced Training curricula renewal

We are developing and implementing a time- and competency-based medical education framework for the 38 Advanced Training curricula.

Local selection

Helping training settings deliver a rigorous, fair and transparent selection process.

Accreditation Renewal

We are updating our accreditation processes to meet the needs of trainees and supervisors.

These improvements will modernise the training experience and ensure that our trainees graduate with the skills they need to be world-class physicians that provide patients, their families and the community with the best care possible. We are working with our Members and other stakeholders to ensure the Education Renewal program meets the requirements of the industry and delivers positive outcomes.

If you're looking for information, would like to offer feedback, or find out about opportunities to be involved in our consultation processes, contact us.

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