Education Renewal

The RACP Education Renewal Program heralds an innovative new era of medical education for physicians in Australia and New Zealand. 

A series of interrelated projects, the program will be delivered over several years from 2018, and will transform the trainee journey, educator experience and physician workforce of the future. 

Curricula Renewal

We are redesigning, developing and implementing 40 curricula across the College’s Basic and Advanced Training programs following a competency-based medical education framework.

Accreditation Review

Aligning accreditation requirements to the renewed curriculum so that training providers can enable suitable learning environments that meet the learning needs of trainees, and the teaching needs of supervisors.

Selection into Training

A three-stage model of selection into Basic Training including eligibility, selection assessment, and locally defined and delivered selection methods.

College Learning Series

An online learning series that complements the revised Basic Training curricula and build on the Victorian Physician Education program of lectures.

Clinical Examination Assessment Review

We have reviewed the assessment process for the Divisional Clinical Examination and devised a simplified rubric that redefines the objectives of the Examination.

Supervisor Support

Resources, tools and services to support training supervisors.

Together, these improvements will modernise the training experience and ensure that our trainees graduate with the skills they need to be world-class physicians that provide patients, their families and the community with the best care possible. 

The changes will affect trainees, educators, Fellows and the wider healthcare sector in varying ways. In order to ensure that the ​program delivers positive outcomes for all involved, we are consulting with a wide range of stakeholders on an ongoing basis and will work closely with our sector colleagues to advocate for and implement these changes. 

If you ​can't find the information you are looking for, would like to offer feedback, or find out about opportunities to be involved in our consultation processes, contact us
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