Accreditation Renewal

Training Provider accreditation promotes the delivery of quality training, which results in competent physicians who provide high quality patient care. 

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), require the RACP to maintain standards of workplace training. The RACP achieves this through its Training Provider Accreditation Program, which provides a framework for the assessment and recognition of Training Providers. Covers of the Accreditation Renewal materials

Our goal is to provide workplace training that develops highly-skilled physicians who can work independently to deliver safe and effective healthcare to patients, now and in the future. 

Our current objective is to design and implement a coordinated accreditation program that assesses rotations, Training Programs, Training Settings, and Training Networks against a new set of accreditation standards.

Our longer-term vision is Outcome Accreditation, which will measure the delivery of learning outcomes objectively. Outcome Accreditation is different from the RACP’s current accreditation model and requires a phased implementation approach over several years.

In 2018 the RACP released a new program, including Standards and Network Principles, for accrediting Training Providers.

The new accreditation program will be implemented progressively over several years, with implementation beginning in 2020 for settings offering a Basic Training Program.

Under the renewed accreditation program:

  • Settings will be informed about the timing of their next accreditation visit
  • Training Providers located across multiple sites will be invited to be accredited at a single point in time
  • smaller Settings associated with larger Settings will be invited to affiliate
  • the RACP will provide guides, training, and support for Settings

The RACP is releasing the new accreditation standards now so that Training Providers have time to modify their practices to align with the new standards. We recommend that Settings start preparing for the new accreditation program by: 

  • looking at the standards and identifying gaps within their training
  • establish when and how to make the changes necessary to move towards the new standards

Available resources

Training Provider Accreditation Program
Training Provider Standards for Clinical Training Programs
Training Network Principles
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