Basic Training Curricula Renewal

Our Basic Training curricula are evolving in keeping with the healthcare environment, ever-changing medical education and international best practice.

The new Basic Training program will be a hybrid time- and competency-based training program. There is a minimum requirement for trainees to complete three years of full-time equivalent clinical experience

The purpose of Basic Training is to:

  • contribute to the development of a workforce of physicians who provide safe, high-quality care to meet the needs of the community
  • build on trainees’ existing knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop competence and confidence, and professional qualities
  • ensure clinical exposure to a wide variety of patients and problems across medical specialties and settings
  • establish a solid foundation for entry into Advanced Training and lifelong learning and practice as a physician
  • help trainees make informed decisions about future career paths

RACP curriculum model

The RACP curriculum model is comprised of the curricula standards that are underpinned by the learning, teaching and assessment programs in Basic Training.

The Professional Practice Framework defines the domains of physician practice and supports the RACP curriculum model.

Curriculum Model


Implementation of the new curricula will begin with the 2020 Divisional Written Examination, which is blueprinted to the new curricula standards.

The new Basic Training Program will roll out from 2020 in select early adopter settings, to conduct real-world testing ahead of its wider implementation.

Members will continue to be consulted with to ensure the best outcomes for trainees and workplace training in general.

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