Designing Education Renewal

RACP Fellows and trainees work closely with educational staff to develop innovative Education Renewal products.

We use a co-design approach, that includes:

Basic Training Designing Curricula Renewal
Targeted reviews

We have a network of Fellows and trainees who are involved in medical education on a day-to-day basis. RACP staff work with these Members to ensure that our products are fit for purpose and meet trainees and supervisor needs.

Digital feedback

We seek feedback from a broader range of stakeholders who can access draft materials through our website. This is a final check to make sure we have considered the needs of our Members.

Expert committees

The RACP has a range of existing network of committees with expertise across education, assessment, and learning and teaching. These committees are consulted and engaged in the development process.

RACP Committees

The College Education Committee oversees the Education Renewal program of work.

The Curriculum Advisory Group is made up of Fellows and trainees with expertise in medical education and curriculum design. For more information about the Group read the Curriculum Advisory Group terms of reference

The Accreditation Renewal Working Group is made up of Fellows with expertise in accrediting settings.

Education Committees provide guidance on Education Renewal work.

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