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SPDP Workshop 2 - Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings

15 Dec 2018 at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sails Port Macquarie, 20 Park Street, Port Macquarie NSW

Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings provides a range of teaching strategies to manage and overcome challenges supervisors face in a complex healthcare setting. These strategies include planning for learning, differentiated instructions for multi-level groups, and using teaching techniques such as questioning. 

This workshop explores some cultural aspects that may impact on learning, including the hidden curriculum, tribalism and the need for effective role modelling.


  • Outline the challenges supervisors face in the healthcare setting
  • Identify the strategies supervisors can use to maximise teaching opportunities
  • Evaluate personal attitudes, beliefs and behaviour and its influence on supervisory practice
  • Assess workplace culture issues that can affect education experiences

Who can attend?

This workshop is open to all.

Facilitator: Professor David Kandiah

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