Physician Education Program (PEP) event series

This series of lectures held every Thursday night (2 February – 7 December 2017) is designed for Basic Trainees as an opportunity to gain knowledge that will assist in the written exam.

The lectures are also open to Advanced Trainees and Fellows wishing to keep informed of the latest developments in each specialty.

PEP 2017 Lecture Schedule

See the full list of Lectures (PDF 34KB).

Where are the PEP lectures held?

The lectures are held at RACP Melbourne, Level 2, 417 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Light refreshments will be provided for attendees at RACP Melbourne.

Attendance is also available via videoconference at registered hospital sites.

Are recordings available if I can't attend or my hospital doesn't have video conference facilities?

Yes, video recordings and podcasts of each lecture will be available on the RACP Events website for all registered participants.

How much does it cost?

PEP registration fees* are listed below:

 Attendance at RACP Melbourne (or a registered hospital site)  Free
Early Bird Trainee Registration for online access to recordings and handouts (closes Feb 29) AU $330.00 (incl. GST)
Basic ​and Advanced Trainees for online access to recordings and handouts  AU $420.00 (incl. GST)
Fellows FREE
Hospital Site Registration (Does not include ISDN call charges or IP data charges) AU $11,847.00 (incl. GST)

How do I register?

Please register online or call RACP Events on 1300 69 7​227.

 *Trainees registered for the 2017 PEP series are eligible to register for the 2018 Physician Education Program Clinical Exam series for free (see below). 

Physician Education Program (PEP) – Clinical Exam Series 2017

The Physician Education Program (PEP) – Clinical Exam Series 2017 will run on Tuesday nights from 2 May to 4 July from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

This preparation program of 10 two-hour lectures is designed for trainees intending to sit the Clinical Exam.

Sessions will be held at the RACP Melbourne and attendance via videoconference at registered hospital sites is also available.

Register for the PEP – Clinical Exam Series 2017.

PEP Clinical Exam Series 2017 program

Date  Topic  Presenters 
 2 May  A guide to the long case presentation Associate Professor Anne Powell
Dr Elke Hendrich
 9 May  Renal transplant and dialysis Dr Jessica Ryan
Professor Peter Kerr
 16 May  Heart transplant and cardiac failure Dr Peter Bergin
Dr Andrew Taylor
 23 May  Type 1 DM / Type 2 DM (RMH) Dr John Wentworth
 30 May  Bone Marrow Transplant and haemophilia Associate Professor Anthony Schwarer
Associate Professor Huyen Tran
 6 June  Lung transplant and cystic fibrosis Dr Helen Mary Whitford
Dr Dominic Keating
 20 June  Liver failure and liver transplant Dr Dilip Ratnam
Dr Adam Testro
 27 June  HIV medicine Associate Professor Edwina Wright

Contact RACP Events at or on +61 3 9927 7777 if you have any questions about this event series.
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