Physician Education Program (PEP) event series

The PEP was a series of weekly lectures, which gave Basic Trainees an opportunity to gain knowledge to help them in the written exam.

In 2018, the PEP is being replaced with the College Learning Series (CLS). The CLS is a more interactive online experience that expands on the PEP.

College members do not need to register for the CLS and there are no separate fees.

Where are the 2018 lectures held?

From Thursday, 1 February to Thursday, 23 August, a selection of CLS lectures will be held at the RACP Melbourne office. The office is located on Level 2 at 417 St Kilda Road in Melbourne.

Light refreshments will be provided for attendees and interested members are encouraged to email if they would like to attend. 

From 1 September, the focus will shift away from live lectures and toward online interaction.

Are recordings available if I can't attend?

Yes. Video recordings and podcasts of each lecture will be made available on the CLS website. A schedule for when 2018 lectures will be uploaded is available from the CLS homepage.

Where can I access the 2017 PEP lectures?

The 2017 lectures are now available via the CLS website.

How much does it cost?

The CLS is available for free to all College members.  A pricing structure is currently being determined for non-members.

How do I register?

If you are a member, no registration is required to access the online content.

Please email if you wish to register your interest in attending the live lectures at RACP Melbourne.   

What is happening to the PEP Clinical Exam Series in 2018?

The 2018 Clinical Exam Series will run from 1 May – 19 June 2018, with live long case presentations run on Tuesday nights at the Melbourne RACP Office.  The presentations will be regularly uploaded to the CLS site and an upload schedule can be found on the homepage.

If you are in Melbourne and would like to attend, please email

For any questions on the Physician Education Program or the College Learning Series, please email

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