Methamphetamine use and treatment – RACP podcast takes a look

Date published:
04 Oct 2016

Crystal methamphetamine use has remained constant among the general population, hovering at around two per cent. However, while in the past most methamphetamine users were snorting or swallowing the powder known as speed, today more than half of all users are taking it in a purer crystalline form.

In this episode of the RACP’s Pomegranate podcast, Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine Fellows Dr Gilbert Whitton and Associate Professor Nadine Ezard are joined by leading drug policy researcher Professor Alison Ritter from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and clinical psychologist Professor Amanda Baker.

They explain the effectiveness of available and upcoming therapies for methamphetamine users, and that counselling – the backbone to treatment of methamphetamine addiction – has shown remarkable results from very brief interventions.

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