Integrating health and social care on the Pomegranate podcast

Date published:
03 Jan 2017

Sir Harry Burns and Dr Ruth Hussey OBE are public health physicians involved in 'whole-of-system change' in Britain’s health and social care. They were invited to Australia in 2016 to advise NSW Health on such delivery models; this episode of the RACP's Pomegranate podcast features a special lecture presented at the RACP during their trip.

As the former Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, Sir Harry Burns has drawn worldwide attention to the social determinants of health and focused his energy on a citizen-driven scheme for 'salutogenesis'. He continues to comment on health inequalities as Professor of Global Public Health at the University of Strathclyde.

Dr Ruth Hussey was, until recently, the Chief Medical Officer for the Welsh Government Assembly and prior to that Medical Director for the National Health Service in Wales. In these roles she has pushed for a local approach to delivering high quality clinical services, which she calls 'prudent health care'.

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