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Date published:
28 Jul 2017

Australia and New Zealand are becoming more multicultural and the relevance of cultural responsiveness is increasing accordingly.

As physicians, there is an ever-growing need to consider best practice when interacting with colleagues and patients of diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds.

A new RACP Online Professionalism Program course on cultural responsiveness will commence in September.

Cultural responsiveness refers to the ability to learn from, communicate and relate respectfully with people from your own and other cultures. Whilst no one can ever be competent in all cultures, being able to interact in a culturally responsive manner can help physicians better accomplish their jobs and address access and equity issues.

More than 28 per cent of Australians and 25 per cent of New Zealanders were born overseas and many speak a language other than English at home. It is important to understand how variation in beliefs, practices and core values can and may affect communication and health outcomes.

This RACP Online Professionalism Program course aims to:

  • encourage self-reflection on core cultural values and improve physician understanding of implicit bias in patient interactions
  • provide physicians with resources, tools and framework to enhance cultural responsiveness in their practice 
  • enable physicians to assess patients’ language needs and work more effectively with interpreters.

Participants will receive case study questions framed within clinical settings and designed to encourage critical thinking sent to their email inbox. Each question will take as little as five minutes a day, two to three times a week to complete. An optional forum is also available to allow for peer-to-peer discussion and learning.

Places are limited. Register for the RACP Online Professionalism Program Cultural Responsiveness Course

The RACP Online Professionalism Program is FREE for RACP members and counts towards Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Registrations close Friday, 1 September 2017. 

If you have questions about the course email

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