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03 Nov 2017

The hours physicians and paediatricians work, what activities they are engaged on and where they do their work are largely unknown across the profession. 

Many Government decisions on workforce are based on anecdotal data, so as a response to this the RACP is updating all its records to assist our future decision making for physician education programs.

Many of the Divisions, Faculties, Chapters and Speciality Societies have been undertaking research on workforce matters. It is the intention of this exercise that the RACP can improve database accuracy to provide better information, reducing duplication of effort and cost.

What may seem to be simple questions such as:

  • How many gastroenterologists are in say NSW or the North Island? We need to know what activities they are undertaking e.g. research and administration are not necessarily clinical.
  • Across the College, how many Fellows are engaged in research?
  • How do my work hours compare with that of a similar colleague?

These questions require an accurate and timely database to answer, with detail to ensure that it is accurate. To achieve this, we need to collect some data from our Fellows.

​Your new work profile

Fellows will find a new tile on MyRACP which links you to a series of questions to answer the how much time, doing what and where questions.
After much research and discussion, we are addressing these questions by geography using the postcode system to provide accuracy. We have designed this to follow a simple logic:

  • country of practice (we do have fellows with trans-Tasman and wider practice areas)
  • postcode (both Australia and New Zealand have a four digit numeric postcode)
  • practice area e.g. paediatrics 
  • specialty e.g. adult cardiology
  • practice activity e.g. clinical 
  • estimated work hours i.e. actual hours worked, do not include on-call 
  • private practice proportion.

We appreciate that this may feel cumbersome but by collecting the information now we will aim to pre-populate the data fields for future collections, so we can move to updates by exception.

So how will you enter data? 

Example Case One: (simple clinical with some practice management, one location)

Dr Jones works in Adult Cardiology at Auckland Hospital. She has her own consulting room that is her sole work location. 90 per cent of her time is spent doing clinical work while the remaining 10 per cent is spent managing her cardiology practice. 75 per cent of her clinical work time would be considered private practice. 

Practice area Specialty Practice activity Postcode Average hours per week  Private practice proportion 
Adult Medicine Adult Cardiology Clinical (including supervision) 1023  50 70%
Adult Medicine Adult Cardiology Medical Leadership / Management 1023 0%

Dr Jones will have to complete two activity screens to record her 55 hour work week.

Example Case Two: (complex multi-specialty, multi-location)

Professor Smith works in general paediatrics and paediatric endocrinology at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. 60 per cenr of his week is spent at the hospital in either his private rooms or on ward rounds and the remaining 40 per cent at Melbourne University which involves teaching paediatrics and diabetes research. In addition to his clinical and research work a small amount of his time each week is spent doing administrative work at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Practice area  Specialty Practice activity Postcode Average hours per week  Private practice proportion 
 Paediatrics & Child Health   General Paediatrics  Clinical (including supervision)  3052  20   50%
 Paediatrics & Child Health   Paediatric Endocrinology  Clinical (including supervision)   3052  10  0%
 Paediatrics & Child Health  Paediatric Endocrinology  Research  3010  8  0%
 Paediatrics & Child Health  General Paediatrics   Teaching   3010  8  0%
 Non-RACP specialties  Medical Leadership/ Management  Medical Leadership/ Management   3010  0%

Professor Smith will need to complete five activities to record his 50 hour work week.

Hopefully from these two examples you will see both the need to record the detail, but also the value in being able to communicate this data at a macro level to decision makers.

We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions or comments please ​contact  


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